Challenging Behaviour

Challenging behaviour is complex and varied, but essentially it is behaviour that goes against societal norms. It can range from actions that place the individual’s physical safety or others around them at risk to simply inconvenient behaviours that irk others.

Severe challenging behaviour can include aggression, self harm, disruption or destruction of property. Milder examples include being noisy and not following instructions. Some children use challenging behaviour to express anger or to cover up poor literacy skills, or indeed out of frustration with them. Moreover, children with learning difficulties may exhibit challenging behaviours both intentionally and unintentionally.

Whether originating from learning difficulties or not, challenging behaviour inevitably disrupts a child’s development and can lead to behavioural problems later on in life, as well as poor academic and employment performance and rejection by society.

A consistent approach is vital to successfully support a child with challenging behaviour. Applied Behaviour Analysis will seek to find what underlies this challenging behaviour, and treat it. In addition, we can offer parents effective strategies for dealing with challenging behaviours. Click here to contact us for an assessment today.