Creating Positive Change in the lives of children and youth with diverse needs

We specialize in working with children with ASD, behavioural difficulties, and developmental delays. As well as providing Consultation services and ongoing support, We also provide training to individual ABA teams, Schools, Parents, and Tutors. In addition we help individuals who wish to make a career out of helping children with special needs gain the experience they need.

Services We Offer

Home ABA/VB Programme

Children whose families choose to enter a full time or part time home ABA/VB programme are will receive a fully individualized programme to meet their child’s needs.

Social Skills Therapy

One of the core deficits in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder is a lack of social communication skills. These difficulties can lead to social isolation and symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. At The Behaviour Change Clinic, we work with autistic individuals to reduce these social barriers.

Positive Behaviour Support

We work collaboratively to create Positive Behaviour Intervention and Support (PBIS) plans for children with diverse needs.

Parent Collaboration

Research indicates that stress levels in parents of neurodiverse children are higher than parents of neurotypical children. At The Behaviour Change Clinic, we work with parents to reduce these stressors and create a positive home environment.

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