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“Six months ago, my son had little language, was in nappies, could not sit still, couldn’t get dressed and had little interest in social interaction. As parents, we really wanted to help our son, we tried everything, including PECS and sign language but ‘H’ did not respond to these methods due to lack of concentration and very limited eye contact. After doing a lot of research, we finally decided to start a home based ABA/VB therapy programme with The Behaviour Change Clinic. Since we started the programme 6 months ago we have seen a very big improvements in ‘H’s functioning. He can now label things in his environment, has just started speaking in two – three word sentences, is fully toilet trained, can follow receptive instructions, has learnt to get dressed, knows his colours, numbers and shapes. He has also started to use a computer and can now sit still at a table for over 15 minutes! He has exceeded our expectations as he was diagnosed as being severely autistic with severe learning difficulties.
We cannot thank everyone at the Behaviour Change Clinic enough, for helping our son to function to the best of his ability and most importantly for giving us hope for our son’s future.”

–Mrs. M, Surrey


“We started an ABA programme for our son very soon after he was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. Our son had limited language and comprehension and found even copying and following very basic instructions extremely difficult.
He behaviour was often obsessive (for example following routes) and he had extremely limited imagination and play skills. He was social with his family but wouldn’t interact with peers. Since following an ABA programme, which our son does at home and at his mainstream school, there has been huge improvement in all areas of his behaviour. He is now very sociable, and has good imagination and play skills. Academically there has been great development: for example our son could hardly hold a pencil and an ABA programme on drawing and writing – including taking 3 months to teach him to draw a cross – has led to him having good, age appropriate handwriting and very good drawing skills. His independence skills are increasing, and speech developing.
There is still a long way for our son to go, but year on year he’s been making great progress, and we will continue using ABA to motivate and help him.”

–Mr. and Mrs. S, Middlesex

“Thank you Tana, for making unbearable days bearable.”

                                                                                                 -Mrs. A