Social skills therapy (1:1)

Many parents come to us at their wits end due to their child’s behaviour at home and/or in school. Their child often has no diagnosis, however these parents often report that their children-fightingchild has few or no friends, lacks empathy, are disorganized, go from “0-90” in a few seconds flat, and often are physically and/or verbally aggressive.

On our first visit, we do a Social-Communication assessment with your child to determine his/her deficit areas (if any) and also conduct a parent and teacher interview. Following this assessment, we are typically able to offer you a behaviour system that will work for you and your family, while also providing 1:1 therapy to your child in the skill areas he needs it. These areas often include:

  • Executive Functioning
  • Perspective taking
  • Communication

We generally see these clients within their homes and school settings to work on these skills. If you wish to start a social skills group with other children in your own home, please contact us.