Social Skills Group

The Behaviour Change Clinic presents……”LET’S PLAY!”



Let’s Play! is a social skills group for children with autism and other related disabilities. The purpose of the group is to teach children to:


    Communicate with one another
    Gain joint attention skills
    Learn to share
    Learn to turn take and role play with others
    Engage in conversation with peers
    Learn social rules and social understanding


Data is collected during each session and parents are presented with graphs and a report summarizing their child’s progress at the end of each 6 week course.




All children joining Let’s Play! must be able to:


    1. Follow instructions from an adult without engaging in disruptive behaviour
    2. Tolerate being near other children
    3. Be able to make basic requests using vocals, signs, or PECS


Description of Classes


Each class is 90 minutes long, and children can attend either once or twice per week. Classes will have space for three children and two typically developing peers*. Each course will run for 6 weeks**. Both classes will run during after-school hours (from 4pm) during term time only.

*Note that typically developing peers are not always available and will therefore not necessarily be present at every session.

**Term time only, which will mean some sessions are fewer weeks. Shorter sessions will be charged at a pro-rated rate.


Social Caterpillars (ages 3-6 years):


        Social caterpillars is specifically designed for younger children. Staff to child ratios in this class are 1:2. Targets for this age level include: sharing, turn taking, responding to group instructions, role play, and other targets specifically written to the needs of your child.



Social Butterflies (ages 7-12 years):


    Social butterflies is specifically designed for slightly older, school age children. Staff to child ratios in this class are 1:3. Targets for this age group include: sharing, turn taking, following 2 step instructions, recalling past events, and other targets specifically written to the needs of your child.




Each child joining Let’s Play! for the first time will receive a social skills assessment during their first one to two sessions. During this assessment, we will observe your child and write his/her targets for the course. The assessment is charged at the normal class rate.


*Cost, Timetable, and Venues

Per session: £10 per child (£60 for 6 weeks payable prior to the start of the course. NO REFUNDS for missed sessions.)

*Siblings (Neuro-typical): Free

*Siblings will also be required to attend a short interview.


Timetable and Venue


Current Classes:  TBD


In an effort to save parents money, we have decided not to hold social skills groups within paid venues. Instead, we will run small groups out of clients’ homes on days suitable for you and your child. It would be most beneficial to contact us if you know a couple of parents whose children are within the same age range as yours and one of you is willing to host the group in your home. The Behaviour Change Clinic will provide the staff and materials, including data collection and activities…you just provide your home! An additional benefit of holding classes in your own home is having the chance to meet other parents with a child who live close to you, who you can build a strong support network with.


You can join a group at any time, and sessions will be pro-rated. In addition, if you are interested in starting a group in your area please email us at