Feeding Clinic

We provide screening and evidence based treatment for feeding issues.

Common feeding issues include:

  • Food refusal
  • Food selectivity
  • Disruptive mealtime behaviours


We aim to increase food intake and decrease refusal behaviours.


Common treatment goals:

  • Increase the range of food groups
  • Increase the level of food textures
  • Increase the participation in family mealtimes
  • Develop oral motor skills
  • Decrease disruptive mealtime behaviours e.g. aggression, SIB, crying


Treatment plan:

  • Web based initial consultation
  • Home based feeding observation
  • Individualised treatment programme
  • Treatment programme tailored to therapy hours
  • Parent training
  • ABA tutor training (if applicable)


We use a behavioural approach to feeding therapy because it is the most empirically supported (Kerwin, 1999).

Feeding disorders are often multifactorial: they start in different ways. We support the involvement of a multidisciplinary team of Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Thearpists, Gastroenterologists and Dieticians.

For more information or to arrange a consultation please email


Kerwin, M.L.E. (1999). Empirically supported treatments in pediatric psychology:

Severe feeding problems. Journal of Pediatric Psychology 24(3). 193-214.